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Beginners guide: 10 tips to starting a collection of modern glass art

Are you thinking of collecting modern glass art? Then this is for you. Before starting collecting glass art for your home decor or business, you must read these tips as a beginner.

 Have Knowledge about glass 

Before collecting randomly glass art get knowledge about different types of glass and their properties, artists, styles of glass works, and glass art techniques. some of the glass types are: Soda-lime glass, Borosilicate glass tempered glass, float glass, frosted glass, tinted glass, and HD low Iron glass. You must know about the properties of different glass types like transparency, Brittleness, chemical inertness, and thermal stability. Reading books and online resources about glass art or visiting galleries and museums can greatly help in this regard.

 Know your preferences 

After getting a basic knowledge about glass identify your preferences by identifying glass styles, colors, and themes. Knowing your preferences will help you in your collection. 

Set a budget 

As glass art pieces are of various prices one can find more expensive ones as well as the cheapest ones. Setting budgets will guide you on how much of your income you want to spend on a glass artwork collection for this you need to consider the real price as well as associated prices like shipping or any insurance price if any.

Start with small items 

As a beginner starting with collecting small items will be a great idea. It will give you an idea and understanding of the market and products without losing a huge amount on large products. like small glass sculptures, vessels, glass bowls, glass walls, bead jewelry, or drinkware. With time you can go for larger and more valuable items.

Explore new artists and their artworks 

Exploring and buying from emerging glass artists will be affordable in price and also get the opportunity to learn new trends and talents. Which will help to grow your collection accordingly. 

Connecting with like-minded people.

Talking and getting connected with people having the same interest regarding glass art collection through social media as well as real life will help in getting valuable insights. They can recommend and help in finding glass art pieces of our test and priority. They can also help you find opportunities for attending events, and visiting museums or galleries. 

Discuss your ideas and priorities with artists

Discuss your creative ideas with the artist and bring a customized and unique piece to your collection that will represent your vision and test. 

Document your collections 

Documenting the details about each piece of glass art will help you to stay informed about your collection. Like the date of purchase, artist name, title of the artwork, price, date or manufacturing, and all other details. This will give you an overview and brief history of the art pieces.

 Learn about the maintenance and cleaning of the glass art.

As proper maintenance of anything is important same is true with art pieces of glass maintenance of these pieces will help in their strength and durability. Carefully handling and considering properly displayed places will help in avoiding dull colors due to sunlight or dust. For proper cleaning or polishing professionals must be consulted. 

 Diversify your collection: Try to diversify your collection by exploring artists, techniques, and styles by adding art pieces from all around the world. This will reflect your evolving taste and priorities regarding the collection of modern glass art.

Collecting glass modern art pieces can be a joyful journey in which one can explore, different types of glass, artists, and techniques used in the artwork. hope this guide will be a great help before starting your collection of glass artwork.

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