Benefits of Using Gym Mirror

In today’s fast-paced life maintaining your physical health is very important. As of recent years , 10 million people in the UK are currently members of a gym. People are choosing various fitness regimes to maintain their physical health including sporting activities and most importantly joining a gym. 

Physical fitness routine comes  with a great responsibility and a caution to exercise safely. Exercising in gym can cause extra strain on the body as people can get into a more intense workout. 

Gym mirrors can assist people in monitoring safe exercising routines and keep them conscious about their exercising session.

Here are few Important benefits of a Gym mirror

Science behind using gym mirrors :

  • According to scientific experts , Gym mirrors can help you stay focus while performing a fitness session
  • According to psychologists , looking at yourself while performing fitness sessions can help you fix your posture and monitor your angles.
  • Observing yourself through gym mirror can also help you focus on controlling your breathing and relaxing your muscles

Benefits of a Gym mirror

  • Gym Mirrors help you improve form:By observing the form and posture, fitness fans can correct their posture and alignments
  • Gym Mirrors can lower your risk of injury: By making sure we are not causing extra strain on our muscles and practising good form , The chances of injury gets lower
  • Mirrors can boost your motivation : Exercising with nothing to look at can get boring , Gym mirror can help you remain entertained and helps you stay focussed
  • Mirrors improve room appearance : No one likes a dull room with low light Mirrors can brighten up the room and makes the room more eye pleasing

Things to Consider WHile Buying Gym Mirror

Mirror Type:

There are two types most gym owners use. Many gym owner prefer glass mirrors to decorate their interiors. But some also use acrylic mirrors. Both comes with their own pros and cons

Glass Mirror : 

  • Pros: Glass mirrors provides good reflection accuracy 
  • Cons: Glass mirror are fragile and easily breakable 

Acrylic Mirror

  • Pros:Acrylic mirrors are sturdy as compared to glass mirrors 
  • They offer good flexibility 
  • Acrylic mirrors are light weight 
  • Cons : Their ability to bend can smetimes result breaking the mirror. 

 How to install a Gym Wall mirror

When installing a mirror , You should first choose which spot  do you want to install the mirror. Take accurate measurements for the exact size you want the mirror to be. Basic things you need to install the mirror

  • Mirror
  • Mirror clips
  • Measuring tape
  • Marking pencil
  • Level
  • Drill machine
  • Drill bits 
  • Screws
  • After determining where you want your mirror to be placed, Take the measuring tape and measure the size for the mirror you want to cover. Mark the points of a wall with a pencil. Important tip is to make sure the gym mirror is 1 to 2 feet higher from the floor. The height of the mirror should be enough for a full body reflection
  • Now measure the width of the mirror and determining where the mirror clips should be . basic tips for the clips is to place them 2 t0 5 inches apart
  • After marking the position for mirror clips , Drill holes using drill machine
  • Screw the mirror clips into the wall
  • Take the mirror and insert it into the bottom mirror clips and adjust the top mirror clips by sliding them to lock the mirror into position
  • Your mirror is now installed . 

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