Mirror Backing Types And Their Usage

Mirrors are one the most common and essential items of any room. It can be used for various purposes including home decor, functionality, and light reflection. Mirrors are also used to give a large room feeling to a small space because it gives the illusion of some extra space. Mirrors are also used a lot in gyms and fitness centres. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while buying a mirror. One of the important things is mirror backing. There are three main types of backings that are used for any mirror. Each backing type has its own functions, pros, and cons so you must know which mirror backing is suitable for you. Following are each backing type and its features. 

No Backing

Although this is not a mirror backing type, mirrors with no backings have its own usage. These mirrors come with no backing material at all and are mostly used where mirror cutting or customization is required. Such mirrors are mostly installed with screws and bars and cannot be used with adhesive. However, mirrors without backing can be cut further so the contractor can customise it further according to his need.


No mirror backing is a bit cheaper option.

It is customizable and can be cut easily with a simple tool.


Adhesive cannot be used to mount this mirror on a wall.

Holes or J bar required for Installation

Offers No safety at all. 

Safety Backing

Safety backing is a protective layer that is attached to the back side of the mirror to give it extra strength and safety. The safety backing holds a mirror in its place when shattered which makes it safer and less harmful because its shattered pieces don’t spread everywhere. Safety backing also helps the mirror to stick tightly on the wall when the adhesive is used. The safety backing also protects the mirror from corrosion which increases mirror life. 


It makes the mirror safe when broken because its shattered pieces remain together when shattered.

It protects the mirror from corrosion and saves its new look for a longer period of time.

It helps the mirror to mount tightly with the wall especially when the adhesives are used.


Safety backing adds some extra cost to your mirror.

A mirror with safety backing is difficult to cut and resize.

Foil Backing

Foil or aluminium backing is used as an extra protection layer for mirrors from corrosion or humidity. It saves the mirror from corrosion sports and maintains its look for a longer period of time. However, as compared to safety backing the foil baking doesn’t protect the mirror from spreading its pieces when shattered. So it is just the protection layer for the mirror and doesn’t provide an extra safety feature. Foil backing is also difficult to use with adhesive when mounting on the wall. 


Protect mirrors from corrosion and spots.

Maintain the mirror’s new look for a longer period of time.


Add some extra price to your mirror’s overall cost. 

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