glass balustrade

5 Tips on how to buy custom glass balustrade

glass balustrade

If you want to upgrade your property, consider adding a custom glass balustrade for a touch of style and sophistication.

While deciding on a custom glass balustrade, consider whether you need the balustrade for a staircase, balcony, terrace, or another area of your home or building. The location and purpose of the balustrade will affect its design, size, and other features.

Below we’ve guided you to buy an ideal custom glass balustrade for your home interior or exterior.

  1. Measure Size Carefully

Measure the length of the area where you want to install the balustrade. Measure the height from the floor or base to the top of where you want the balustrade to be.

If your balustrade is supported by posts(frame), measure the distance between the posts. This will help you determine the size of the needed glass panels.

Consult with a professional supplier or contractor to determine the accurate measurements, the right thickness, and the type of glass panels for your project.

  • Consider Material

Tempered or laminated(safety glass) is the most commonly used and recommended glass type for balustrades. Here are some reasons why:

Tempered glass is much stronger and more durable than regular glass, making it better able to withstand impacts and other types of wear and tear.

Laminated glass is much safer than regular glass as it is designed to break into small, harmless pieces if shattered rather than large, sharp shards that can cause injury.

The thickness of the glass is another important consideration. Thicker glass is generally stronger and more durable than thinner glass but can also be more expensive.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for glass balustrade posts because it is durable, corrosion-resistant, and has a modern, sleek appearance. It is also relatively easy to clean(maintain).

  • Consider Installation
glass balustrade stair space

Handrails and fittings are the most important components of a balustrade. You should choose a sturdy handrail and fittings that complement the balustrade’s design.

Also, decide on the height of the balustrade, the spacing between the panels, and the type of fixings used. Consider consulting with a professional glass balustrade installer or designer to help choose a design that meets your requirements.

Ensure that the installation is carried out by a professional installer who is experienced in working with glass balustrades.

Remember that the glass & design you are choosing must fit the space. Otherwise, it may break during installation.

  • Consider the balustrade design’s safety:
glass balustrade safety

Determine the purpose of the balustrade. Is it for safety or aesthetic purposes, or both? This will help you to determine the type of glass, the thickness, and the design of the balustrade. Consider the location of the balustrade. Is it indoors or outdoors?

Proper installation is critical for the safety of the balustrade. Make sure that the balustrade is installed by a qualified professional and that it is securely attached to the building structure.

  • Check delivery charges:

Look for suppliers with good reviews and a solid reputation in the industry.

Start by researching different suppliers who offer custom glass balustrades.

Contact different suppliers and ask for quotes on your opted design.

Provide detailed information about the size and design of the balustrade you require.

Once you have received quotes from different suppliers, compare them carefully. Also, check out the delivery fee, add it to the balustrade glass(kit) price, and compare all the prices quoted by sellers near you. Look not only at the cost of the balustrade but also at the quality of the materials and the supplier’s reputation. Negotiate the price with the seller whose product quality is up to your mark. Ask if there are any discounts available for ordering at a particular time.


In conclusion, choosing a custom glass balustrade can be a great decision for several reasons. Not only does it offer a sleek and modern look to your space, but it also provides safety and security without obstructing the view.

A custom glass balustrade can be tailored to fit any design aesthetic and add value to your property. Furthermore, with the ability to choose from various finishes and designs, you can truly make it your own.

Ultimately, a custom glass balustrade is a stylish and functional choice that can enhance the overall appearance of your home or business while providing a safe and secure environment for all.

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