glass juliet balcony

How To Buy Suitable Glass Juliet Balcony

glass juliet balcony

A glass Juliet balcony consists of a railing or balustrade made of toughened glass that is fixed to the exterior of a building and installed on the upper floors of buildings or homes.

It is named after the famous balcony scene in Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”, in which Juliet leans over a balcony to talk to Romeo below.

The spectacular design and look of the glass balustrade balcony offer a sophisticated and stylish look to your home. The clear tempered glass is shiny(catchy), and  also ideal for sightseeing.

In modern architecture, glass Juliet balconies are renowned for their sleek, minimalist look that adds value to your home and provides a functional and safe outdoor space.

Glass Juliet balconies can be installed in various locations, depending on your home/building’s design and layout, i.e., above windows, french/sliding doors, and sunrooms.

Below we’ve discussed a few factors, that will help you to choose & safely install the right design and product:

  1. Measure size carefully:
glass balcony measure

Start by measuring the width of the opening where the glass balcony will be installed. Measure from one outside edge of the frame to the other.

Next, measure the height of the opening from the bottom of the frame to the top. Take measurements at several points to ensure that the height is constant.

Also, it’s essential to consider any fixings/repairs or supports required to install the balcony.

Consulting a professional can help you determine the right measurements for your specific design installation.

  1. Consider Material:

Look for tempered or laminated glass, as these types of glass are more durable and less likely to shatter or break.

10mm toughened glass is common for Juliet balconies, while 17.5mm laminated glass is ideal for frameless designs.

If your glass Juliet balcony design has handrails, ensure they are made of quality material.

Consider inspecting the customer’s reviews about the product quality and service of the well-known sellers near you.

Stainless steel is popular for Juliet balcony handrails(frames) because it is strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

Aluminum is lightweight, strong, and low-maintenance, making it a popular choice for Juliet balcony frames.

Powder-coated steel is another durable and affordable option for Juliet balcony frames.

  1. Consider Installation:
glass juliet install

Face-fixed design is the most common installation option for glass Juliet balconies.

Consult a professional to ensure that the design and installation meet local building codes and regulations.

The fixing points for the balcony should be securely anchored to the supporting structure, and the fasteners should be designed for use with glass balustrades.

Glass balconies require regular cleaning and maintenance, so consider the ease of cleaning and maintaining the balcony before purchasing.

It is also essential to consider additional safety features such as non-slip surfaces or anti-climb measures.

  1. Consider a safe design:

Before installing the balcony, ensure the supporting structure, i.e., the wall and the floor, can bear the weight of the balcony and the people using it.

Check that the design complies with local building regulations and safety standards. According to safety regulations, the height of a Juliet balcony & balustrades must be at least 1100mm(1.1m) meters above the floor level.

The installation method should be secure and safe and carried out by a professional.

  1. Check delivery Charges:

Look for companies that offer the specific type of balcony for your needs/designs and make a list of potential suppliers.

Contact each supplier and ask for a quote that includes delivery charges to your location. Be sure to provide the supplier with your full delivery address and any specific delivery instructions.

Once you have received quotes from several suppliers, compare the prices, including the delivery charges.

Make sure you compare quotes for the same product and understand what is included in the delivery charges, such as any additional fees or taxes.

Finally, check the estimated delivery time for each supplier, and schedule so you are available to receive the delivery.


When choosing a glass Juliet balcony, it’s essential to consider safety, design, cost, and delivery charges. Pick a supplier that offers a reliable and secure delivery service. With careful consideration and research, you can find the perfect glass.

If you’ve any other queries, ask us in the comments below.

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