Gym Mirror Vs Regular Mirror Comparison

Do you feel different in your gym mirror? You are not the only one who thinks that way. Gym mirrors are different than our regular home mirrors. They are the key motivators in getting us into shape by providing us with a full visual view of our bodies. One cannot deny the aesthetical beauty of mirrors, which attracts more and more customers. Therefore, gym owners install big giant mirrors on their interior walls. There is no huge difference between regular and gym mirrors, but it is quite observable. Let’s discuss the difference between the two.

Safe & Secure
As mirrors in the gym are installed around heavy equipment and machines, it becomes even more important to install higher safety mirrors than ordinary mirrors on the wall. Whether they are installed on walls or roofs of the gym, the mirrors used are sturdier than ordinary mirrors to provide safety for the public. To ensure additional security and strength, shatterproof glass is used to manufacture gym mirrors.

Mirrors typically lose their polished finish as time passes. However, gym mirrors are not ordinary mirrors. They are high-class mirrors that do not lose their posh and shiny finish as easily as ordinary ones. The clarity and vision that the gym’s mirror provides to the gym’s interior are unmatchable.

Size Variation
There are different sizes, styles, and shapes for regular and gym mirrors. You can opt for any frame and design to match the aesthetical sense of your home. But gym mirrors are not like we use regular mirrors in our homes. Gym mirrors’ sole purpose is to cover the walls or roof. Therefore, installers give the whole interior of the gym a minimalistic and frameless look. You can customize your gym mirrors according to the dimensions of your gym wall.

Average regular mirrors that we use in our homes are of 3mm thickness. But the thickness of the gym mirror is 6mm, which is quite double of regular ones. The purpose of the double thickness is to serve sturdiness and improved reflection, which you cannot get with regular ones.

Just like any regular mirror, wall mirrors for the gym also come in different finishes. Either you want a frameless one, a flat, or beveled one; they are available. However, as discussed earlier, mirrors for the gym are entirely frameless.

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