Even a sturdy glass material can break sometimes and ruin the overall beauty. It becomes even more daunting as glass materials are not easy to repair. Sometimes fixing glass material can make the repaired lines more visible resulting in the compromise on sharp edges, transparency, and beauty of your glass piece. But with the right glue and tools, you can restore your broken or damaged high-end glass piece. 

Before we take you to dive into the best glues for glass, let’s consider the factors one needs to consider before making a glue purchase. 

Outdoor vs. Indoor Usage

Indoor and outdoor usage is an essential factor to consider before buying adhesive glue. This is because some of the glues cannot withstand direct sunlight, extreme temperature conditions, and moisture. For example, superglues are mainly used for indoor applications. In contrast, epoxy and silicone-based glues can hold up extreme outside temperature and humidity.

Bond Strength

The bond strength of any adhesive glue for every application is an essential factor to consider. Some glues can bear pressure and stress, while others cannot because of their bond strength. For example, windshields endure more stress as compared to your picture frame; therefore, consider which particular adhesive bond strength can handle the stress and flux of your application. 

Drying time

Some glues dry up instantly, while others need time to set and reach their full bond strength. For example, super glue dries up instantly, while epoxy can take a week to set and cure. Silicone also takes 24 hours to set, depending upon the application and thickness of your repairing piece. 

Now take a read to know the available best glues for glass in the market.


Silicone is a widely used adhesive as a sealant in window frames, appliances, automobiles, etc. Its consistency is gel-like, which is waterproof. It can withstand any temperature, chemicals, and moisture. Therefore, it is widely used and popular among house owners for their DIY projects and repairs.


Epoxy glue is another adhesive glue specially made for glass surface fixing. Thanks to its resistance against water, it is a great product to use outdoor glass fixings. Epoxy glue consists of two parts one is resin, and the other is a hardener. You have to mix the two-part in mentioned proportions. Mixing these stimulate polymerization (a kind of chemical reaction). After mixing resin and hardener, you need to quickly apply it on your broken surface as the glue starts getting hard. You can use epoxy on glass, plastic, and metal surfaces. 


Just like its super name, superglue is for surfaces like rubber, ceramics, plastics, and glass. Super glue provides perfect bondage for your chipped glass, broken glass, glass cracks, or for any smooth and rough surface. Also, superglue doesn’t need to get ready or mix into something before applying it to your broken piece.

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