Unique Glass Trends in Glass Tops

Are you on the hunt to buy a new table top? Well, you would certainly not like to set for any ordinary one. A unique glass table top can completely change the aesthetic appearance of your room. Set the ambiance and the tone of your room with the following unique glass table top trends.

Logo Printed Glass Tops 

Logo printed glass looks elegant and lavish. Restaurants and coffee shops highly use these types of glass table tops. Moreover, some businesses also display their company logos on their glass table tops. A company’s logo is something very personal, and if advertised well, it brings fruitful results. Therefore, logo prints over glass tops have become incredibly popular. 

Glittered glass table top

Glass table tops are reflective in nature. If you have great lighting and sparkle in your room, your table will bounce it off. You can do it by using another unique trend of glass table tops which are glittered ones. There are plenty of colors for your glittered table top. Chose the color of the glitter according to your liking and the overall theme of your room for your glass table top 

Cracked Glass Table Tops

Cracked glass is also known as shattered or broken glass. Cracked glass table tops are perfect for coffee and dining tables. The contemporary design of cracked glass and its aesthetical appeal makes it an incredibly trendy and popular choice among consumers. Whether it is your dining table top or a business room table, this modernistic table top design can never let you fail. 

Painted Glass Table Top

Updating your outdated glass table top with paint can fit your modernized house decorating scheme. Painting your glass table top might seem a bold step for you, but if done correctly, it pays off brilliantly. You can either paint the top layer of your glass table top or opt for painting underneath the glass to make it look modern and chick. Whatever you choose, make sure the shade you choose just not only matches your room but also goes hand in hand with the tint of your glass table top. 

Patterned Glass Table Tops

Dining table tops are always the focal point of any room. With an understated glass table top, your room may look dull or unwelcoming. Whereas turning that old-fashioned table top into modern is not troublesome anymore with updating it with a patterned glass table top. The patterned glass table top is modern and chick design for any of your contemporary rooms. A patterned glass table top is the top choice of someone who always wants to be over the top. Look for a pattern that perfectly complements your room’s whole ambiance and hues.  

You can consider many options to buy glass tops like online glass stores, local glass fabricators or amazon, ebay etc.

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