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How To Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

Not only do grimy windows make your house look uncared of, but it can also hinder the intensity of light coming inside. Cleaning your house windows is not that difficult task, but when it comes to such windows where your hand cannot reach, that struggle is real for sure. Don’t you worry now because we have put a list of tips to clean and reach those unreached dirty windows. Let us know which method you like the most!

Extendable wipers

 Extendable cleaning wipers have made the lives of flat owners very easy. With these wipers, you can easily clean your glass window from the ground. These wipers mostly come with a squeegee on one side and a wiper on the other. Just dampen the squeegee with a regular dishwasher and let the squeegee work on the glass. After that, clean out the whole glass with the wiper. 

Magnetic Window Cleaners 

People living in flats can especially use magnetic window cleaners to wipe out the dirt from such windows where hands cannot reach. Microfiber cloths are attached to magnetic window cleaners, which thoroughly clean both sides of the glass surface in one go. While cleaning your windows with magnetic window cleaner, do not apply more pressure as the magnet can slide. 

Use a Ladder

If you don’t have a ladder, consider borrowing from your neighbor. Lay your ladder straight on the ground against a wall. Make sure the ground is not bumpy, otherwise you will end up getting yourself hurt. Ask someone to give you a hand. Clean the glass window like you usually do. 

Remove Sliding windows

If you have installed detachable windows, then you can easily remove your window panes and give them a thorough cleanup. You just need to unlock your sliding window. Loosen up all the screws if fastened. Gently lift the window panel by using both hands and ask someone to help you with a hand. Now you can easily clean your window. Once cleaned and dried, fix it and fasten all the screws in place. 

U-shaped Telescopic Pole

If you do not find help with our mentioned methods, you might like to give the u-shaped telescopic pole a try. This u-shaped pole has one circular sponge, two cleaning cloths, and one squeegee. This works well on window sliders as its handle can reach about 4 feet long surface. 

Call a Professional

Although the methods mentioned above are safe to give your window a sparkling look, but if you don’t find it helpful or you are scared of breaking your window panels or getting yourself hurt, you might like to give a professional window cleaner a call.  

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