How to Hang a Heavy Mirror on Wall?

Hanging a collage of mirrors or simply a big giant mirror can instantly freshen up your living area space. You can easily DIY your mirror projects and hang them anywhere you want. But wait for a second, do you know how exactly you will hang your mirror? Take a read and find out how exactly you can hang your mirrors.

Hang a Mirror Using Hooks & Screws

Wall hooks are best for hanging heavy pictures and art, even though hooks are small. Different kinds of wall hooks are used for different wall materials, e.g., plaster, brick, drywall, concrete, etc. 

Step 1. Hold mirror at your eye level on the wall. Use a painter’s tape or pencil and mark in the center on the top edge of the mirror. 

Step 2. If your mirror has wires or rings, you can hang them with the hooks fixed on the wall.

Step 3. To fix hooks correctly, use a ruler or painter’s tape and stick it between the rings and mark.

Step 4. Measure the mounting hole from the hook up to the mirror’s top. 

Step 5. Transfer this measurement on the wall starting right from the marked line you made in Step 1.

Step 6. Set your level on the wall and mark the location for the hooks’ mounting holes.

Step 7. Make the hole with a wall anchor and secure it with a screw. 

Step 8. Prevent scratching the wall by adding bumpers at the bottom of the mirror

Step 9. Now you can hang your mirror on the hooks.

Hang a Mirror Using D rings

Step 1. Measure the mirror from the top, mark where you want to put your D ring on, and make a hole. 

Step 2. Mark the 2nd side of the mirror using the first measurement and make a hole. 

Step 3. Put the painter’s tape from one hole to the other.

Step 4. Put D rings on each hole and secure them with a screw.

Step 5. Remove the painter’s tape and transfer this measurement to the wall.

Step 6. Set your level on the wall and mark the location for the D rings holes.

Step 7. Make the hole with a wall anchor and secure it with a screw. 

Step 9. Remove the painter’s tape and hang the D rings of your mirror on the screws.

Hang a Mirror Using Cleats

Metal cleats usually come in pairs. One of the cleats is fixed on the wall, while the other is attached to the back of the mirror frame.

Step 1. Put the top cleat at the top of the frame and make holes.

Step 2. Secure screws in the holes.

Step 3. Position the bottom cleat on the wall, make holes, and secure the holes with screws.

Step 4. Set the mirror in the place.

Hang a Mirror Using Brackets

Step 1. Check the backside of your mirror and see if there are three cross brackets? You need only two brackets to hang your mirror.

Step 2. Measure the distance from the top of the mirror to those two brackets you want to hang your mirror on.

Step 3. Measure the distance from the hole of one bracket to the hole of the other bracket.

Step 4. Mark on the wall by using the taken measurement with a level.

Step 5. Use a screw and puncture the wall with a hammer. Pull the screw out and try to make wider holes.

Step 6. Insert the anchor in the hole and use a screwdriver to place the screw into the anchor. Make sure to leave the screw half an inch sticking out from the anchor.

Step 7. Hang the mirror on these screws.

Hang a Mirror Using Wire

Step 1. Attach D rings at the back of your mirror (see the D rings section)

Step 2. Measure the distance from one D ring to the other.

Step 3. Take a metal wire and thread it passing from one D ring to the other ring. 

Step 3. Twist and tie the wire on both sides of the D ring. Make sure to leave a little slack within the wire.

Step 4. Transfer the measurement to the wall and make holes and secure screws in them.

Step 5. Hang the wire of the mirror on the screws.

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