How To Keep Birds Off From Flying Into Windows

Waking up with the birds chirping sound always makes us feel living a dream life in some paradise. Even though the sounds of birds’ singing feel divine to our ears, but the sudden sound of “Thud” doesn’t feel good to our ears. This sound always brings the sad news of a bird getting hurt due to collision with the glass window. Let’s help this little creature together. We have collected useful ways to prevent these creations from flying into windows and getting hurt. 

  1. Use paint pattern on the window’s outside

You can make different fun patterns on the outside of your windows with tempera paint. Cover the entire surface of the window so that there is no chance left for birds to crash on your window. 

  1. Place tape on your outside windows

Place white tape vertically about 10cm (4 inches) apart from your window. You can also get birds’ tape at your nearest pet store for this purpose. 

  1. Apply a window film on the outer side

Use a pattern film that has blocks and stripes. These films help birds to detect the presence of glass and the possibility of flight crash. 

  1. Place sun shades or shutters

Install shutters on outer side of your windows and keep them open during the daytime. Sunshades or shutters create a shade on your window that birds can easily detect to avoid crashing into it. A plus advantage is that it can keep away outside temperature away from interfering inside. 

  1. Install mosquitos’ screens

Installing mosquitos’ screens in your home will not only keep your house safe from insects, but they are also very helpful in keeping birds away from crashing into your windows. Install dark mesh screens made out of polypropylene for more durability.

  1. Shift bird’s feeder 

Sometimes we place bird feeders right next to our window, which increases the chances of birds crashing flight on our windows. Shift all the bird’s feeders and water bowls away from the windows’ sight. 

  1. Install Curtains inside

Curtains eliminate the illusion of open space from windows. Install curtains and keep them open during the daytime so that birds cannot take the illusion of windows as open. 

  1. Use Transparent film

Installing transparent film is the easiest method to keep birds off from windows. Transparent films are transparent from inside, but for outsiders, it is opaque. It will not only reduce the intensity of coming light from outside but can also help you in lowering the cost of cooling. 

  1. Shift inside plants

Birds are attracted to plants, and most of the time, we keep our cute little plants near our windows. These plants always attract birds. Shift these plants to somewhere else where there are no outside windows triggering birds to crash their flight.

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