How To Remove Stickers From Glass

Making any glass purchase sometimes becomes a frustrating scene when labels and price tags don’t come off easily. From new crockery to windshields, cringe stickers are everywhere to boil our anger, and some stickers are so damn stubborn that whatever you try, they won’t leave the surface. Even if you succeed in taking some stickers off, some patchy pieces and glue will be left behind to make you crazy. To give you some peace of mind, we have gathered some methods in helping you out to remove stubborn stickers from your glass piece. 

Soap & Hot Water Solution

Using soap and hot water is the first and easiest way to separate glue and sticky papers out of your glass surface. Soak your glass for 10 to 15 minutes in a soap water solution. The chemicals in soap and heat in water will help break glue down. Do not tend to use hot boiled water, as some glasses cannot withstand enough temperature. So keep the temperature in check. 

Nail Polish Remover

If soap water solution doesn’t remove the sticker, use a nail polish remover. There is acetone present in every nail-polish remover. It breaks the adhesive down within a few minutes. Apply nail-polish remover on the sticker with a cotton ball. Leave nail-polish remover for few minutes and peel off the sticker 


Another natural solvent that you can use from your home is vinegar. Vinegar is acidic, and due to its chemical property, it can break down stubborn stickers. Apply vinegar on your glass surface with a cotton cloth. Let the vinegar sit for some minutes, and then try to rub and peel the sticker off. 

Soak in cooking Oil

Soaking your glass piece in cooking oil may sound crazy to you, but we promise it will do the magic. Spray cooking oil on the sticker and wet it. Leave the cooking oil on its surface for some time. Then use a cotton cloth to scrub the sticker off gently. Once the sticker is removed, clean the glass surface first with dish wash and then your glass cleaner spray. 

Try WD40

WD40 spray usually is not used for windows and glass, but it can do the job of removing a stubborn sticker from your glass piece. Apply the spray on the sticker and leave it for a second or two. Use a damp cotton cloth and rub it on the sticker. Wipe the surface with window cleaner spray afterwards. 

Ice Pack

A cold compress can neutralize the glue of the sticker, making it easy to come off. Place an ice pack on the sticker and hold it for a few seconds, then use a scraper gently and try to remove the sticker. Wipe the glass surface with some glass cleaner spray.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural, non-toxic cleansing agent and can easily dissolve greasy and dirty agents. Make a baking soda paste with cooking oil and apply it to the sticker. Leave it for a few minutes and wipe the glass surface with dish soap and warm water. 

Rubbing Alcohol Method

If applied correctly, the rubbing alcohol method can easily remove any stubborn stickers from your glass piece. Soak the sticker with alcohol spray and wait for 15 to 30 minutes at least. Use a razor and scrape the sticker and glue. Be careful while using a razor blade, as it can leave scratches on your glass piece. Try to use hard cardboard to do the job. 

Adhesive Remover Spray

If all the above methods fail to remove stickers from your glass piece, you may like to give adhesive remover spray a try. The purpose of these sprays is solely to remove stubborn stickers in one go. 

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