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How to Remove Scratches From Glass Table Top

Glass tops make your living space astonishingly luxurious. We all know the measures you take to take care of your expensive glass tops, but if your glass top ends up scratched by any quirk of fate, then your room may not look as complete as it was before. The heavier the scratch, the more difficult it is to fix. But we can’t just give up, right? So we have come here with some tricks to polish those nasty scratches and stains that can hurdle your room to look contemporary. 

Paste Wax

Paste wax is specially made for furniture that is made out of wood. If your glass has minor scratches, then fill it up with paste wax. Follow these steps to apply paste wax to your glass scratches

  1. Clean the damaged glass surface with water and let it completely dry.
  2. Apply paste wax gently with a brush. Do not over rub the wax on the glass surface. 
  3. Let the wax sit on the surface and dry it.

Nail Polish

Clear nail polish can hide all the scratched imperfections of your glass top. You can use some glass polish over the nail polish for a more polished and shiny look.

  1. Take clear nail polish and mix it well.
  2. Take the nail polish brush, dip it into the polish, and take the excess off.
  3. Apply the nail polish to the damaged glass surface and let it dry. 
  4. Now top it off with the glass polish and let it dry.

Baking Soda & Toothpaste

One of the leading and simplest methods you can find to polish your glass scratches is using baking soda paste with toothpaste. As it is not abrasive, so it won’t leave your glass surface in some undoable state. Make sure to use non-gel white toothpaste. 

  1. Mix baking soda and toothpaste with a tiny amount of water and make a paste.
  2. Apply this paste to the scratched glass surface with your finger in a circular motion.
  3. Use a soft cloth, wipe the paste off, and let the glass surface dry. 

Metal Polish

Metal polishes are comfortable to use over the glass surface. Metal polishers can remove scratches and can add shine and sparkle back to your glass surface. 

  1. Apply a small amount of metal polish on a soft cloth.
  2. Buff the scratch area in a circular motion with the cloth.
  3. Use a clean and damp cloth to wipe out the polish and let it dry.

Glass Polishing Kit

If no method mentioned earlier works for you, you can definitely give a glass polishing kit a try. Glass polishing kit is readily available in the market at a fair price. Follow the directions mentioned on the kit, and we are sure you will get your desired result. Also, don’t forget to clean and dry your hands and the scratched glass surface before starting the whole procedure. 

Glass Replacement
Sometimes glass tops get too damaged that it becomes impossible to repair through any diy technique. In such a situation it is a wise decision to replace your table top with a new one. You can easily buy glass top replacement in any size, style or measurement from online glass stores and can get it delivered to your doorstep. Or you can visit any local glass fabricator to buy a new glass top replacement. 

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