What Is the Best Glass for Table Tops

A hassle-free way to give your dining room a modern look is to incorporate glass table tops. The transparency that is only possible due to the glass table top, makes your dining room much larger and brighter. Now the question arises, which glass type is best to use as a table top. Well, there are so many table top materials available in the market, but as a homeowner, we know you won’t settle for an ordinary one. Therefore, we have selected the top 4 glass materials, so you don’t have to compromise on your aesthetics. Read this piece to find it out. 

 Tempered Glass

Other name for tempered glass is ‘safety glass’. This is because it is four times tough than any ordinary glass. The strength is so because its manufacturing process includes heating and cooling in a controlled environment. In case of any hit, it shatters into small pebbles, which are less dangerous than sharp and big shards. This is the reason automobile industries use tempered glass, and homeowners consider buying it for their table top projects. You must always consider using tempered glass for heavy-duty usage and for dining purposes, as no other glass can replace the benefits of tempered glass. 

 Insulated Glass

Insulated glass has two panes of glass that are separated by a gas. The layer of inert gas diffuses the heat transfer. The gas layer in insulated glass spreads equally between the two panes of glass and regulates the temperature in and over the glass surface. Moreover, the gas layer also makes it noise resistant. Insulated glass is a good choice for homeowners to use as a table top because it does not absorb heat which usually results in a glass crack. 

Laminated Glass

This type of glass is made out of two pieces of glass. These glass pieces are bonded together with an interlayer. These interlayers hold the glass in place when the glass collapses due to any reason to save people from injuries. You can get laminated glass in different tones, colors, shapes, and tints. Either you want laminated glass as your business conference table, or you want to host parties on your dining table, create a multilayer design of your choice by taking your creative mind to the next level, and stay safe. 

 Acrylic Glass

Acrylic glass is made out of polymethyl methacrylate, also known as PMMA. It is kind of a transparent thermoplastic, shortly known as acrylic glass. Homeowners used this glass material as an alternative to glass in different applications. For example, they use acrylic glass as their table top as it provides durability to its maximum percent. Being lighter weight than any ordinary glass, it is ideal for outdoor usage. Moreover, being plastic, it is less prone to break easily. As compared to glass, acrylic glass is less expensive and quite budget-friendly, making it a good choice for homeowners as a replacement for their table top.

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